Studio Movie Outing | Battle: Los Angeles


Last Wednesday, Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey took everyone from the studio to see the new action blockbuster film, Battle: Los Angeles!     

“Work hard, play hard" is one of the mottos at Sledgehammer Games, according to Condrey.  “The staff here has been pouring a lot of passion and energy into our current Call of Duty project and it’s nice to get out of the office together and re-energize as a group.”

Battle: Los Angeles takes you right into the alien invasion warzone.  While the film has received mixed critical reviews, the visuals were pretty stunning.  The film was full of amazing special effects, missiles, explosions, gun fire and aliens.  I mean, that’s all that matters right?....Right?    

"I give it 5/5 stars," said Condrey.  "Not only did it have a dog named Glen, but it highlighted the criminal critical skills all kids from New Jersey learn at a young age."

"Hey, I'm from New Jersey," said Schofield.


You can continue to follow the interactions between Glen and Michael on Twitter!



Written by Guy Beahm

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Sledgehammer Games at GDC 2011


Julie Couloules recently represented Sledgehammer Games and Activision at the 2011 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

I always look forward to the Game Developers Conference. We host a large booth at the Career Pavilion every year, and we put months of effort into preparing for the week’s events. This year we had a shiny black booth at the event, with big plasma displays and plenty of developers there to review portfolios and talk to potential candidates. We were side by side with Blizzard, and the combined Activision Blizzard presence was impressive. This year we also had an invitation only party for developers, hosted at Fluid Ultra Lounge. It was a Call of Duty focused event, with drinks and appetizers (of course!). It was a great time.  To thank everyone for attending all the invitees received a collector's edition Call of Duty iPod Shuffle. Perfect for post GDC workouts!"

The best part of GDC is meeting new people, making new contacts, and hopefully making some great connections that turn into future hires for SHG and the many great Activision studios.

Last year Sledgehammer was only months old, and we made our appearance at the conference for the first time. This year we’re 90+ employees strong and are working on an awesome Call of Duty title. It’ll be fun to see how things shape up for GDC 2012.  One thing you can count on, Sledgehammer Games and Activision will be at GDC again next year.  If you missed us this time, I hope to see you next year. 

In the meantime, please check out the Sledgehammer Games career page at:

You can also follow us on Twitter! -

Written by Julie Coucoules

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SHG Holiday Party 2010


To kick off our winter break, we celebrated the holidays by taking over a beautiful jazz lounge/restaurant, "1300 Fillmore" in San Francisco's historic Fillmore jazz district.  The restaurant was decked out for the holidays and was the perfect location for a classy Sledgehammer party.  Everyone dressed up and snacked on a special menu provided by the restaurant.

There was also a live jazz band accompanied by the soulful singer, Lady Mem'fis.  

Our photographer was Chloe Jackman.

Check out the photos from our event.

Written by Catherine Sheu

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Sledgehammer Games celebrated their 2nd Thanksgiving with a cozy studio meal.  

Now that the team has grown to just over 80 employees, it was tough finding enough seats but we managed to fit everyone.  

We had a fantastic local company in Foster City called Piccadilly Catering provide the food (turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie...).  

Glen and Michael served the team as a gesture of thanks.  

Happy Thanksgiving from Sledgehammer Games!

Written by Catherine Sheu

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SF Food Bank 2010


On Tuesday, November 23rd a philanthropic minded group of Sledgehammer employees carved out time from their schedules, collectively jumped into their cars and drove up to San Francisco in order to volunteer at the San Francisco Food Bank.

The 20 employees, while fashionably donning hairnets and surgeon-like rubber gloves, proceeded to cut, sort-out, weigh, box and label approximately 3500 packages of vermicelli pasta that would ultimately provide 6000 meals.

This was no minor feat for the small, but mighty group.  The team was especially proud of their accomplishment because they were able to give back to others in need during the Thanksgiving Day season.

When all is said and done, our team understands that there is more to life than making video games. Our community is fast becoming part of our studio DNA.

Stay tuned for more Sledgehammer volunteer events in 2011! 

Written by Kerry Fischer

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