Sledgehammer Games turns 2 years old!


Hard to believe it's been two years since we formed Sledgehammer Games. Since then, some of the most passionate and talented developers I have ever worked with have taken a chance with us. It means so much to Michael and I to have such a dedicated group to work with. It didn't take long for Activision to realize the talent here and offer us the opportunity of a lifetime - working with Infinity Ward on Modern Warfare 3.  For that we are extremely appreciative.

We have so many people to thank, but none more than our families and friends who support us no matter what. You allow us to follow our dreams and turn our passion into a career. You are there for us and your patience during the final months of a game is what helps make a good game great. We are eternally thankful.

It's been an amazing 24 months for Sledgehammer Games, but we're just getting started. We make games for a living and we work for a great company that has given us opportunities we could only dream of. Today we are laser focused on MW3 and delivering the best game of our lives for the millions of fans who have embraced us.

The sky is the limit for this talented team. I know I speak for Michael when I say we are two of the luckiest guys in the game industry.

Thank you,


Written by Glen Schofield

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Backstage: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon


Sledgehammer Games and Infinity Ward talk shop in this exclusive backstage video from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

We raise the question: What's some of your favorite classic video games?

Written by Guy Beahm

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A Visit to the Jimmy Fallon Show | By Glen Schofield


The trip to the Jimmy Fallon Show started Sunday afternoon.  Flying in a spacious exit row is the way to go.... especially when Michael Condrey is sitting next to you. You need all the distance you can get.  The food was excellent, service good, but Condrey's incessant whining and crying every time we hit a little turbulence drove me crazy.  Finally somewhere over Idaho I hit him over the head with my dinner tray. When he woke up three hours later I told him a piece of luggage fell out of the overhead bin.


We landed at JFK around 10 pm EST, waited for Condrey to grab his Hello Kitty suitcase he had checked in and found our driver.


 I believe our driver's name was Al, a happy fella with a thick NY accent.  After about 15 minutes of driving, Al hated Condrey too.  10 more minutes and Al pulled the cab over and kicked Condrey out.  Reluctantly I went too because I knew Condrey would get mugged.  Luckily we were only blocks from our hotel.

The next day Monday we headed to NBC in the heart of the city by Radio City Music Hall, Rockefeller Center and 30 Rock.

We went around 2:30 for rehearsals, signed some papers and got ourselves acquainted with the studio. Our great crew of Mike Mejia and Josh Selinger had been there since the morning setting up the equipment and playing the build since we were playing live. We were shown a tiny room that said "Modern Warfare 3 The Jimmy Fallon Show" on the door.


Crazy little room, maybe 7 foot by 7 foot, with cereal boxes on the wall and little toys and trinkets glued to the walls, light switches, whatever and a very ornate paint job. It was so weird that it was cool. This was our own dressing room. There were three blue guest bags for us with a signed thank you note from Jimmy, a mug and tee shirt.


Down the hall was the "Green Room". This is where we really hung out. It was supplied with food and drinks and they even did a special delivery to Starbucks for us. They were fantastic hosts and everyone we met had a smile on their face.

Eric Hirshberg, Robert Bowling, and I rehearsed a few times.  We observed where we would stand, where the monitors were and how the 6 or 7 minutes would play out. Then Jimmy came out in street clothes to do a final rehearsal.  He’s a great guy in person just like he is on the show; personable, creative and really funny.

As the time drew closer to the actual taping, the halls started getting louder as they filled with people. The producers were running around, the bands were playing and the talent started arriving. Will Smith was there with his wife who was a guest as well. He drew a crowd and Eric had a conversation with him.

Just before we went onstage we had to go to the makeup room. They put some on Condrey, even though he wasn't on air, because he requested it. He was in there for about 20 minutes. He came out looking like a bean pole with a plastic Barbie head glued on.

We all waited in the green room. There was John Rafacz, our senior PR guy who along with Josh set everything up and did a wonderful job with Mike Mejia, Robert, myself, Eric….. and Barbie.


Eric practiced and fine-tuned his lines, but he's pretty much a natural at it as well as passionate about what he's saying so he was just basically doing it for timing. 

Time is very precious live so every word needs to be right. We watched live in the Green Room the show and saw all the skits and the guests.  It was surreal and very exciting.  Nobody was even nervous.

Simon Pegg then went on and we knew we were next.  Robert, Eric, and I walked onto the stage. I could hear Condrey in the Green Room crying because he wasn't on the show. We walked out during a commercial, took our places and got a little powder to stop the shining on our faces.

Cameras were all around, the band was playing and the crowd was cheering. Walking onstage was such a cool and memorable moment. I'll never forget it. Jimmy was great and made us feel right at home. Our bit went just as rehearsed. The time went in a flash without a hitch. Immediately after our bit we quickly got a group picture with Simon and Jimmy. And before we knew it our time was up and we walked off stage.

We did a quick little interview for the show's blog just as the show was ending.  Backstage after the show was a flurry of people running around, the bands carrying their instruments.  I felt bad for Condrey because nobody, not even the security guard, would sign his tee shirt.

We left the building feeling great. We'd had our few minutes of fame on national TV, met some great people and showed MW3 which we're so proud of. And to top it all off, Jimmy loved playing it!

I love being in the game industry.


-Glen Schofield


Highlights of the show's full episode can be found at

Visit our Facebook page to see more pictures!

Written by Glen Schofield

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Sledgehammer Games welcomes new Community Manager, Guy Beahm


“We're pleased to officially announce Guy Beahm as our Community Manager for Sledgehammer Games,” said Glen Schofield, CEO.  “Guy is a perfect fit for the studio.  He’s a hardcore Call of Duty gamer with a background in marketing management, and is the mind behind the online personality, Dr. DisRespect.  It's important to know we hired Guy for his knowledge, skills and passion for games. We did not hire Dr. Disrespect."

"I am extremely honored to be a part of such a talented group of game makers,” Beahm said.  “It's a dream job to join this team and I thank Glen and Michael for giving me such a great opportunity. While it was entertaining to develop content through the Dr. DisRespect character, it's time for him to retire. To my fans, thank you, I encourage you to follow me here with Sledgehammer Games."

"Guy is excited to start this new phase of his career,” explains Michael Condrey, COO.  “We all realize that being a part of Call of Duty is an amazing opportunity for everyone here at the studio. Guy will play an important role in helping us deliver excellence for the franchise by making sure we are listening to the passionate voices of the community."

Sledgehammer Games, formed in 2009 is currently working on an unannounced Call of Duty title.

"I'm proud to be a part of Sledgehammer Games and Activision. The opportunity to work with such fantastic people is quite humbling. My mission is to work with fans of Sledgehammer Games and Call of Duty to promote the great culture we have here as well as helping people get to know the team and the studio overall. Please come follow us on Twitter and the Sledgehammer Games’ Facebook page,” added Beahm.

SHG Twitter

SHG Facebook

Glen Schofield | GM, VP and Co-founder

Michael Condrey | COO, VP and Co-founder

Guy Beahm | Community Manager

Written by Michael Condrey

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Vote for 2011 IGDA Board Candidate Glen Schofield!


The voting process to elect five new board members for the not-for-profit International Game Developers Association ends one week from today.  Become a member of IGDA and help support Sledgehammer Games’ GM, VP and Co-Founder Glen Schofield.

“I have been a developer and an advocate for the game industry for over 20 years.” Glen says.  “I have spoken at Universities, on panels, major press conferences, trade shows and many career days at Junior High and High Schools about a career in gaming.  I am extremely passionate about games and I feel that the IGDA's Mission Statement and Core Values, as well as its actions, perfectly align with where I am in my career.”

Glen continues, “As a developer and executive, I have seen it all and believe that my experience can contribute to evolving the industry and hopefully leave a positive impact on our community. I thank you for your time and consideration and would be honored to be on the Board.”

2011 IGDA Election Board Voting Website:

Follow Glen Schofield on Twitter:

Written by Guy Beahm

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