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Condrey and I hit the show and saw all the big booths and new games. I haven't missed an E3 in a decade and I was a bit underwhelmed by some of them. There were a lot of games I just wasn't that interested in this year.  On a positive note, the ones I am interested in are looking tight!  I think this holiday should be a pretty good one, but not as good as 2008!

Just as I began my rounds I bumped into my old pal, the guy I created, Isaac Clark. He was so happy to see me. He mentioned he didn't like his new suit as much as the old one. :P

We saw the Nintendo booth which was freaking packed as were the Sony and Microsoft booths. Hardware and peripherals were big this year with a slimmed down 360, the Nintendo 3DS and the new motion controllers from Sony and Microsoft. Everyone was talking about 3D.

Somehow along the way Condrey got lost and I found him semi-naked and crying. For some strange reason he insisted on us meeting all the mascots that were there. Since he was in such a sad state I indulged him. I'm not proud of it but let the record show, everything was legal. I think.

Attendance was quite a bit smaller than other years which was strange and may be bad for the industry but made it easier to walk around. Obviously I'd rather see the industry strong. I have a feeling that some of the new hardware may help this holiday.

The games I am most looking forward to is Gears of War 3, Zelda, Twisted Metal and of course Black Ops to name a few.  I'll keep my eyes on a few more to see if they keep trending well. All in all, I'd say it was a good E3 and I'm glad we're back at the Staple's Center doing the big shows again.

Written by Glen Schofield

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