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Modern Warfare 3: Five survival mode visuals

The previous two Call of Duty games gave us something different from the normal gameplay that we were used to, and that was zombies. However, this kind of thing…

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Here's how weapon progression works in 'Modern Warfare 3'

The progression is among several tweaks to multiplayer, which also includes Strike Packa

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Last time I had a chance to play Modern Warfare 3 was at E3 this year when we were introduced to the new mode Spec Ops Survival. A few…

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Hands on: Modern Warfare 3 Survival Spec Ops

We’ve played Survival mode. It was so addictive, we had to be dragged away...

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Modern Warfare 3 Iron Lady preview and interview - the last word

GameCentral goes hands on with Modern Warfare 3 for one last time before its release, with a look at a brand new single-player level, new Spec Ops and an…

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Modern Warfare 3: 'There's lots of innovation here. We've absolutely got new mechanics'

Modern Warfare arrives in less than a month on November 8. Ahead of the release of what's in all likelihood going to be the biggest entertainment launch of the…

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Turn Those Empty Calories Into Double XP with Modern Warfare 3 Mountain Dew & Doritos

Snack enthusiasts will have a powerful advantage over their non-snacking multiplayer rivals in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, thanks to Doritos and Mountain Dew's "Rank Up Your Game"…

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Survival mode preview

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 gets its very own Horde mode, Chris Schilling goes hands-on with the world's most popular shooter.

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Sledgehammer Games Says ‘Call of Duty’ Not Losing Momentum

Sledgehammer Games has come out saying the ‘Call of Duty’ franchise is far from losing momentum – and fear of getting stale drives developers to keep their game up.

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Call of Duty Elite Details

Call of Duty XP left fans of the franchise buzzing Labor Day weekend. A convention, which was hosted in Los Angeles, featured the premiere of a Modern…

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