Advanced Warfare DoubleXP Weekend, And Two New Playlists

by Sledgehammer Games


It’s been an amazing few months since Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare launched, and we’re committed to continuing to deliver the best experience for our fans through this upcoming season of content. To celebrate the upcoming Havoc DLC, coming to Xbox on Tuesday, January 27th, we’re having a special DoubleXP weekend – starting Friday, 1/23 at 9AM PST and ending Monday, 1/26 at 9AM PST. This is a great chance to go online with some buddies and gain a Prestige level or two! In addition to DoubleXP weekend, we’re launching two new playlists that we encourage you to try out.



Some of you may remember that we launched the Mosh Pit playlist last month, and it was great seeing the extremely positive community reaction to a mix of game types all in one playlist. This weekend, we’re doing the same for our Hardcore community. Introducing the Hardcore Mosh Pit playlist, including a mix of Team Deathmatch, Domination, Kill Confirmed, and Search and Destroy on a variety of maps. You’ll find the same limited HUD, decreased health, and that friendly fire is turned on for our Hardcore players.



We’ve also been gathering feedback from our players on their favorite maps in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. We held a poll on our Facebook page last week, and after a week of voting, the map “Comeback” narrowly beat out “Detroit” with 19% of the votes. In this new Community Playlist, you’ll find “24/7 Comeback” with a variety of game modes like Team Deathmatch, Uplink, Kill Confirmed, Domination, and more. This playlist will be live just during this weekend, and definitely let us know if this is something you want to return!


We’re always here and listening to your feedback, and these two new playlists are just some of the ways you can party up with some friends this weekend for some Advanced Warfare DoubleXP. Feel free to reach out to us over our social media channels on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Instagram.

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