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Hey Hammer Fans, we’re another month into 2015 and we’re continuing to roll out new features for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare like this month’s surprise gear drop — the Marine Grenadier. As with previous gear drops (like the KVA Paramilitary set), we’re giving everyone who plays an online multiplayer match of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare this weekend (between Friday, 2/13 at 9AM PST to Monday 2/16 at 9AM PST) the Marine Grenadier Exo as an exclusive reward.


Don’t miss out on playing this weekend, as this will be the only chance to receive the Marine Grenadier Exoskeleton. All of the other items in this gear set will be added to the available loot from Supply Drops. Be sure to give us a shout out over our social channels if you’ve received the complete set!



At Sledgehammer Games, we love playing all types of game modes and offering new ways to play to the community. We’re proud to announce that Gun Game is coming to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. This game mode pits players against each other in Free For All matches allowing you to show off your gun-skill. Starting with an ASM1, a kill with your weapon will progress you forward to the next weapon. If you get knifed, you’ll drop one weapon rank and have to get a kill with the previous weapon again. There are a total of 26 weapon ranks with the last rank requiring a kill with the Crossbow. To celebrate its launch, we’ll also be turning on #DoubleXP for the all-new Gun Game Mode this weekend (from Friday, 2/13 at 9AM PST through Monday, 2/16 at 9AM PST).



Earlier this year, we introduced One Shot, a new team based game mode with five specific sniper classes. It’s been a huge hit within the community, and we’ve seen a lot of fan feedback suggesting that you’d like to play in other game modes besides Team Deathmatch. So starting today, we’re introducing the One Shot Mosh Pit, which includes a rotation of game modes including Free For All, Domination, Hardpoint, Team Deathmatch, and Kill Confirmed. You’ll be able to find this playlist under Bonus Playlists in the Find Match menu.


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We’re always listening to your feedback and looking for opportunities to make Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare the best it could possibly be. Be sure to grab a couple of friends and get the Marine Grenadier Exo this weekend! Let us know how you like Gun Game and the new One Shot Mosh Pit by reaching out to us on our social channels at Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Instagram.

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