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In Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Supply Drops come packed with hundreds of weapon variants and unique character gear – allowing for Helmets and Armor, to Loadouts and Exoskeletons. In today’s Game Update for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, we’re introducing an all-new way for players to earn extra XP and Supply Drops, or exclusive pieces of loot. Get ready for our new Supply Drop Daily Challenges! Each day, you’ll receive a randomized message containing a challenge that, when completed, will award your character with an XP bonus and Supply Drops, or a rare piece of Character Gear from the Exclusive KVA Recon Character Gear Set. The Supply Drop Daily Challenges will be displayed in the “Find Match” menu, and can also be found in the “Challenges” menu so you can track your progress towards completing them.


SupplyDropsBlog_image_02.jpgClick to expand. KVA Recon Character Gear is now available in Supply Drop Daily Challenges.


Supply Drop Daily Challenges will be issued for a variety of game modes and will range from completing specific game mode objectives, reaching a certain amount of kills with a specific weapon type, and many more. Each day, you’ll receive a new Supply Drop Challenge and have another chance at getting a Supply Drop or a KVA Recon character gear.

“The design for the KVA Recon gear was intended to be bold and high-contrast while still feeling grounded. The matte green on white was inspired by winter gear, and the dark-on-light makes it stand out while still looking military.” said Alex Jessup, the Associate Concept Artist who worked on the creating the gear. “Instead of trying to be flashy, I wanted a minimalistic utilitarian look, much like actual recon equipment.”


Senior Concept Artist, Jesse Lee, added “The goal for the mask was to create a piece of gear for the KVA Rebels that was both tactical and believable.” The KVA Recon set is an exclusive set that’s only available through these Supply Drop Daily Challenges.


We hope that this new Challenge system helps you get that sweet Elite weapon variant or that missing piece of gear from the set you’ve been working on completing. You can also check out some of the other changes in our latest update here.


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