Call of Duty: WWII Multiplayer PC Open Beta Info

by Sledgehammer Games

The PC Open Beta for Call of Duty: WWII on Steam is now available! We’re so excited to play on PC with everyone starting today.

The development teams at Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software have worked hard to get to this date, and are energized to keep pushing to make this the best possible PC experience. So please head online to play, and be sure to share your feedback with us – we’ll list below all the ways to express your comments.

If you experience a technical issue, please check with the Customer Support team at Activision. They’re ready to help get you back on track. You can contact them at @ATVIAssist on Twitter.

If you notice anything that doesn't seem quite right, or simply have feedback and comments – please head to our Reddit thread or Steam post. We’ll be monitoring throughout, so every bit of constructive feedback helps – the more detailed the better.

We’ll also deploy a Beta Web Survey for feedback following the Beta. So, plenty of ways to share your thoughts. Plus, continue to stay tuned to our social channels at @SHGames, and @CallofDuty for the latest information on the Beta and all things Call of Duty: WWII.


If you’ve missed any of the previous updates, see the links below for information on Specs, Beta content, PC features, and more.


We are truly grateful for everyone’s support and can’t wait to get started.


Enough talk, it’s time to play! See you online.


Call of Duty: WWII Multiplayer PC Open Beta Pre-Download Begins

The Call of Duty: WWII Multiplayer Beta Comes to PC


Hey everyone,


It’s been a great first few days of the PC Open Beta! To those who have already jumped in to play the PC Open Beta, thank you! For those gearing up to play with us this weekend, you can download the Beta right now and get in.


Today, we had a couple of updates: We raised the level cap to 35, making all-new rewards available to you, like the Flamethrower Scorestreak. We also added Kill Confirmed to the playlist!

In case you missed our update on Reddit from today, here is a recap:

We’ve seen a lot of you streaming, playing with friends, leaving feedback, and it’s been great. It's been fun watching the action in Kill Confirmed, and during the chase for the new player ranks. So thank you for your support and efforts in helping us make this a great test. We wanted to share some more updates on some of the topics you have been discussing and let you know what we’re working on for launch.

We’ve heard your feedback and are actively looking into changes in the following areas:

  • Mouse performance
  • Connection quality optimizations
  • Playing with multiple monitors
  • Better switching between the game and other apps
  • Rendering performance tuning
  • More keyboard bind options
  • UI improvements
  • FOV concerns

We’ve also heard comments on the following items, which we’re working to address for launch:

  • In War Mode, some buildable walls showing the gamertag of the person hiding behind them, giving away their position.
  • Implementing an option to quit the game from the MP menu, rather than having to go to Settings – Main Menu – Exit
  • Adding functionality to use numbers to set sensitivity, not just a slider
  • Allowing hold on Shift key to keep sprinting
  • Allowing hold and release Tab for the scoreboard
  • Some weapon muzzle flashes may be too strong in 1st person view model perspective


In case you missed our previous Reddit update from Day 1,take a look at items the team has already been working to address, including:


  • Infinite level loads and time-outs when using shader pre-caching and letter-boxing.
  • Crash fix on start-up for Windows 8.0.
  • Fixes to the behavior of the Resolution/Render Resolution/T2X Resolution advanced video options.
  • Fixes to the T2X Resolution setting not getting preserved after exiting the game.

Plus, some new weapon tuning updates, such as:


  • We reduced the damage per second and decreased falloff range across all SMGs.
  • The STG44 Assault Rifle recoil was nerfed.
  • Minor buff to the fire rate of the M1A1, 1911 and P-08.


So please keep grinding, streaming, commenting, and reaching out to us. Also please remember, if you experience issues during the Beta, please be sure to look at our Troubleshooting Guide on Steam for assistance. And as a reminder, for the best user experience, please update your drivers!


Thank you again, on behalf of everyone at Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software, for a very productive and exciting first couple of days of the PC Open Beta!


Thank you so much to everyone who played the PC Open Beta! And thank you to everyone who took the time to reach out on Steam, Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook to share with us some truly valuable feedback. Thanks to you, we’re working to bring a lot of additional improvements for launch.


During the PC Open Beta we posted a number of updates we’re looking into on both our Reddit and Steam threads. In addition, based on your feedback and our continued testing here are a number of additional changes we are working on for launch:


  • Sadly, there are always those who aim to spoil the fun, even in a beta. We have yet to deploy the suite of anti-cheat/hacking technology we will use when the full PC game is live. We take a level playing field extremely serious and will monitor and react to this as a top priority on an ongoing basis.
  • Scroll bars on options that scroll.
  • Allow numerical entry to mouse and controller sensitivity options (in addition to slider).
  • Streamline the exit of the game.
  • Clearly indicate being in Party status in UI.
  • Making the resolution options more clear and consistent.
  • Video option video memory indicator.
  • Warnings about video memory over-commitment.
  • Option to bind lean left/right keys in multiplayer.
  • And a number of smaller issues that we’re tracking, which we’ll update in future patch notes.


Again, we are extremely grateful for all the constructive feedback we’ve received over the past week. It’s been a huge help for us as we continue to work to deliver the best possible PC experience this November!

The Software License and Service Agreement will be updated. Please follow this link [https://www.activision.com/legal/ap-eula] in order to see these changes.

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