Call of Duty: WWII - Welcome to the Front Lines Campaign Recap

by Sledgehammer Games

The team had a lot of emotional moments over the past three years while making this game. Michael Condrey is right when he says, “Call of Duty: WWII is an incredibly personal game. This is a story about a conflict that was really an inflection point in human history.” Men and women all over the world faced unimaginable hardships and terrors during this time. Glen Schofield points out, “If people didn’t step up and do the right thing, who knows where we would be today.” The bravery of those who served during the war was truly an inspiration to us as we made this game. There was also a sense of duty and of making sure we did these stories justice. As our historian Marty Morgan puts it, “If people remember, people will memorialize. And if people memorialize, people won’t forget.”

Thank you for your continued support as we lead up to our release of Call of Duty: WWII. We hope you enjoyed getting an in-depth look at all the details of our Campaign story. Stay tuned for more intel in the weeks leading up to our November 3rd launch!


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