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We’ve brought a number of new weapons to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare in the last few months. From the M1 Irons, to the futuristic CEL-3 shotgun, to classics like the AK47 and M16. This time, we decided to go back to our Call of Duty roots and introduce a new secondary pistol as well as a returning and fan-favorite SMG. The 1911 and the MP40 make a triumphant return to the Call of Duty series on Xbox One on September 29th – coming soon to PS4 and PC.



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The classic 1911 pistol returns as the first new secondary to be introduced to Advanced Warfare. This pistol has stood the test of time, being used as the standard issue firearm by the U.S. Armed Forces from 1911 to 1986. It’s known for having low recoil and works great at a close to medium range. The 1911 has four variants, and the base weapon is unlocked for Create a Class once one of the variants has been unlocked via Supply Drops or Advanced Supply Drops. It’s a great secondary weapon to have on-hand when you run out of bullets in your primary.



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The MP40 is a fully automatic sub-machinegun. It has a steady rate of fire which can be used in bursts to maintain accuracy at distances. It’s a great weapon to use for rushing objectives like Capture the Flag or Uplink. The MP40 features four variants, with the base weapon being unlocked once one of the variants has been unlocked via Supply Drops or Advanced Supply Drops.


As always, we’re here and listening to your feedback and we’d love to hear what you think of these new weapon additions once you play with them in-game. Please feel free to reach out to us over our social media channels on Twitter, Facebook, Google+,  and Instagram. See you online!


PLEASE NOTE: These weapons are only available on the current generation of consoles (Xbox One and PlayStation 4) and PC. We are dedicated to providing a wide variety of content to all AW players wherever possible, but in some cases are unable to include additional content on the previous gen consoles due to hardware limitations.

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