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Three years ago, we began the process of developing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare by researching the various types of technologies one may find in the year 2054. The rules were simple: Anything that went into the game had to be plausible and based on science, not science fiction. We designed the EPM3 to align with those basic principles, and this particular weapon and weapons like it gave birth to an all-new category of arms in Advanced Warfare – the Directed Energy Weapons (or DEWs for short). From a game development standpoint, the most exciting part of weapons like these is that they exist today. “From our research, we found out that directed energy weapons direct and focuses an energy type, electromagnetic radiation, radio frequency, microwave, laser and others, onto a target.” said Glen Schofield, Co-Founder of Sledgehammer Games. “The Navy just deployed their first DEW aboard a vessel. We projected ours out 45-years into the future and put it into the player’s hands.”



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Now that we had a concept for the weapon, we needed to begin designing how the weapon would function. “We had to understand what type of energy would be created by the EPM3, the battery size and location, how it exited the weapon to cool off, and still make the weapon ergonomic and of course, look badass.” said Schofield. The EPM3 and other directed energy weapons are all part of Advanced Warfare’s single player, multiplayer, and co-op experience, and a fun addition to some of the other advanced weaponry you’ll be playing with in November.


Watch our Multiplayer Reveal Trailer for a great shot of someone using the EPM3 against the player at the 33 second mark.


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