Jul 25 / 2011

June Hammer of the Month Winner - Prize Unboxing

By Sledgehammer Games

Kyle West, Community Manager for Call of Duty community website Digital Warfare 24/7, made an unboxing video of the Tool Box of Chaos. The Tool Box of Chaos is the mystery prize for our Hammer of the Month contests.

So, what did Kyle and the gang at Digital Warfare receive for winning the June contest? Watch to find out:

Thanks for the video Kyle! We hope you enjoy the Sledgehammer Swag and Turtle Beach PX5 headphones.

Remember guys, there are still a couple days left to get your entry in for July's Hammer of the Month contest. Find out how to win a signed Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 poster here: http://sledgehammergames.com/blog/view/41