Leroy Sutton Visits Sledgehammer Games

by Sledgehammer Games

It was our honor to recently invite Leroy Sutton to Sledgehammer Games. Sutton, a game design student and huge Call of Duty fan, came a long way to be with us - not just in distance traveled, but by sheer determination not to give up. His story was recently featured on ESPN, and we found it truly inspiring how he overcame the odds to pursue his passion. Leroy is set to graduate with a degree in video game design later this month, and we thought it would be a great opportunity for him to meet with the team to discuss breaking into game development. The overall experience was extremely memorable for all the Hammers involved, and the one-on-one time with some of the top devs in the industry in Leroy's words, "was better than all of E3."

Happy to know you, Leroy. Keep up the good work!

- Sledgehammer Games

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