Oct 05 / 2011

MW3 Maximized | Bouncing Betty

By Sledgehammer Games

Welcome to MW3 Maximized with Guy Beahm!

Every Thursday leading up to the launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, I'll give you a inside look at a new multiplayer experience or feature straight from the game. I would love to hear your feedback so feel free to drop me a note on Twitter.

With that said, shall we get this started? Let's introduce the Bouncing Betty!

Shall The Bouncing Betty can be chosen as part of your 'lethal' equipment. It's a frag device that, once it's triggered, launches into the air and explodes lethal shrapnel in all directions. Unlike the directional claymore, this can save you valuable time when planting. This new lethal device is great for quickly covering flanking routes when holding a capture point.

Just like the C4 and Claymore, the Bouncing Betty can be taken out with a few shots or a grenade, however, if you hear the activating sound of it launching into the air, immediately go prone! If timed correctly, the expert player will avoid the fatal impact.

Here's an example of good practical use for the Bouncing Betty. Let's say you are on the second floor of a building. You are in a power position, however, there is a high traffic flanking route leading to your location. If you wanted to temporarily close off that flanking route, rather than having to sacrifice yourself and position to plant a claymore, you can easily just toss a Bouncing Betty down the stairs or out of the window onto the cutoff. This should quickly cover your flank!