Oct 12 / 2011

MW3 Maximized: Survival Mode

By Sledgehammer Games

There are so many strategies, so many ways to approach Spec Ops: Survival mode and be successful at it. If you had the opportunity to see some of the Waves people were reaching at Call of Duty XP, it's absolutely amazing how some can immediately pick it up and stay alive for a long time. The concept behind Spec Ops Survival Mode is intriguing for a variety of reasons.

You have the ability to experience a progressive ranking XP system built specifically for Spec Ops consisting of leveling up, stats, leaderboards, and more. I mean, that alone should capture the interest of some of you competitive types out there right? You reached Wave 41 on Dome? Well, now you can prove it along with the time it took you via the leaderboards.

Second, you're dealing with a lot of elements directly involved in Multiplayer. Unlock perks, upgrade weapons with an assortment of attachments, and unleash point streaks such as turrets, predator missiles etc. Spec ops allows you an opportunity to maximize your understanding of the terrain. By playing, you start to realize where the power positions are, what line of sights work for you, and overall, how to stay mobile within the map without having to really think about the little elements that could dictate your agility during battle.

Here are some quick tips:

  • When it comes to survival strategy, the one thing I've learned is conservation of funds. Depending on the map, on average, I don't purchase anything for at least ten waves. You'll stack up your cash and before you know it, you'll have more options to choose from early in the game. Having accessible cash at the toughest of times can be the difference maker for survival.

  • I know this one is obvious but I thought I'd stress this point a bit. You want to be able to position yourself in an area with limited flank routes and easy in/out access to the Armories. Yeah, sounds easy right? You just don't want to get caught off guard with low ammo, a new wave of enemies, and the Weapons Armory all the way across the map. If you play it correctly, you should never be scrambling out of desperation.

  • Speaking of the Armories, which one do I consider being the most important? Well, it depends on your own strategy. I usually find myself relying on the Equipment Armory. The Armory consists of explosives and armor upgrades such as Flashbangs (beneficial for fighting Juggernauts), Turrets, as well as the all-important Self Revive.

  • I've found that the most significant pieces of equipment are the turrets. They contribute in a variety of ways. Not only do they provide serious firepower, they help with maintaining a power position. Furthermore, turrets can be used as bait. Enemies can easily be diverted when a turret starts firing on them. If you position yourself correctly, you can pick them off one by one while making sure your turret stays operational.

Hopefully some of these tips work for you. I can't wait to see what you guys think when you dive deeper into the system come 11-8-11!

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