Oct 09 / 2011

MW3 World Tour | Berlin and Madrid

By Sledgehammer Games

Day 15: We landed in Berlin around 3:00pm but there was a rollerblading marathon going on so getting to our hotel started off bad. Our driver was a true daredevil and hopped a curb and took some sidewalks to get us closer. But the hotel was in the middle of the marathon so we walked with our luggage the last half mile.

The hotel was a bank headquarters from the 40's. It was massive inside. Thankfully the rooms were massive. Since we were spending 4-5 days here it was good to have some space with a gym as well. That night we had a true German dinner.

Day 16: The next day we set up, rested and then walked around for a bit. It was also the day in which thousands jammed the streets for a local marathon so we were virtually surrounded by people. Supposedly this is as big as the NY Marathon with people arriving from all over the world. Very cool!

We headed to the Brandenburg Gate, a familiar landmark forever linked to the Cold War. It was a fitting end for the Marathon's finish line. After a long day we got some rest for the upcoming days of interviews and demos. That evening we had a special dinner with three guys from the MW3 Series Community with over 28,000 members. We had a good time!

Day 17: The event was held at our hotel so no cabs to the event which was a relief...Nice setup by the German team. Robert and I started at 9:00am giving demo setups and game overviews. After the demos (I think we did 6 or 7) we then prepared for our 1 on 1 interviews. We probably averaged three to four each so there was a lot of interviewing going on.

Day 18: The next day was more of the same in the morning. Early afternoon, we jumped in a cab and headed to a big Radio Station. The venue was quite fun with an open atmosphere and two excellent hosts. This will be broadcasted soon which we'll link for you guys.

Then it was time to pack up and hit the road once again. Josh and I did this trip alone as Shannon and Robert split to Helsinki. We had a 3 ½ hour flight to Madrid. We landed around 11or so... What an amazing airport!

Day 19-20: Madrid is spectacular! I've been there before but never stayed long enough to see much of it. First couple of days was setup and getting ready for Gamefest which was in its second year. We had a very nice booth with a theater to demo and then a private room upstairs to interview. Mike Mejea flew in to do the demoing. He worked his butt off the whole time. The event itself was really nice and I can see it growing into a major European event. Our booth always had long lines, sometimes up to four hours which we then worked to speed up. It's a hard balance because we need to give everyone enough time to enjoy the game. Great day. At the end, we were beat.

Day 21: Next day we were up early and doing the same. Again, the morning consisted of non-stop demos and interviews. Monica and her crew did a fantastic job getting all the press. In the afternoon we set a place for me to sign posters. I didn't think we'd have that many interested. After an hour and over 700 posters signed there was still a huge line waiting! They stopped me so I could get a break. After that we tried checking out the show but so many people stopped me for autographs we just left. That was cool!

Day 22: Another day full of interviews, poster signers etc. but in the afternoon we had an awards show. We took the first big prize "Best Action" game. I gave a tiny acceptance speech. We won a few more as well. Everything about Madrid was just great.

We wrapped up the day with nice dinner with Mike and Josh. Next I got on a plane for Stockholm. Never been there!

Looking forward to it.

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