Sep 18 / 2011

MW3 World Tour | Intro

By Sledgehammer Games

The Official MW3 World Tour:

From Sept 9th until at least October 8th (could be longer) I will be visiting between 7 and 10 cities throughout Europe and Japan. I'm working with the Activision PR teams from those countries as well as some colleagues from the US and at some point in Europe I hook up with Robert Bowling for some larger venues.

Developers do these tours in order to show our support for the fans all over the world. We also want to talk to the press who may not always be able to fly to the big shows and get hands on with the game or talk directly to a developer. There are also a lot of country game shows or Gamefests going on now and we'll try and see as many as possible.

It's nice to go on these trips but they certainly aren't vacations. You're constantly flying, driving, interviewing, demoing, going thru customs, living out of a suitcase and away from your family. On the other hand I love meeting the press and fans from all over the world and making new friends. And it's really cool to see what other countries are doing to promote the game. Developers can also give the press a more intimate view of what it was like creating the game. Not just "how many levels" but "how'd you come up with the level". There will be stage shows, interviews, TV, tradeshows, meetings, blogs, podcasts, etc.

Over the course of the next month my travels take me to Japan (TGS), Paris, Madrid, Milan, London, Berlin and Stockholm and probably a couple others may be thrown in. It's a whirlwind tour for MW3 and should be really exciting and interesting. Come back often for updates and follow me on Twitter for a daily picture and brief update of the tour!

- Glen Schofield