Our Note of Thanks to the Call of Duty eSports Community

by Sledgehammer Games

On behalf of Sledgehammer Games, thanks so much for the incredible year of competitive Call of Duty. Almost 4 years ago, we set out to create a great addition to the eSports environment with Advanced Warfare. It’s been nothing short of amazing seeing Pro teams master the new movements and mechanics we’ve added to Call of Duty, and see how players have really thrived with the increased level of competition. Through your support for eSports and competitive gaming, we’ve made Advanced Warfare a great platform for teams to compete, and you’ve also helped us grow as developers.


As a studio, we just wanted to take a moment to share our thanks with some of the organizations like MLG, Gfinity, and UMG who have been instrumental to the continued growth of the COD eSports scene. Our team is incredibly excited to see the culmination of Advanced Warfare’s eSports season with this weekend’s MLG World Finals. We’ll be watching and cheering on some of our favorite teams from the studio.

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