Oct 07 / 2011

Question of the Week | 10-8-11

By Sledgehammer Games

MW3 MP is just around the corner. Me and my friends can't wait!! What are you playing? I don't mean modes, I mean can you please tell me your favorite custom class.

-Jason Lee, Tampa, FL

Hey J (and friends of J),

With more than 40 weapons (each with multiple proficiencies you can earn), 28 point streaks, and a barrel full of perks to choose from, the custom class combinations are seemingly endless. I am constantly finding cool new ways to combine options. Some work for me, some don't, and some I haven't completely mastered yet. I am having a ton of fun working my way through the countless configurations.

Ok, so specifically, what I am playing now? My weapon of choice right now is the new SMG addition, the PP90M1, with the Two Attachments proficiency; Rapid fire and Extended Mag. It's a shorter range weapon, and I often lose in a distance based shoot-out, but up close it lays down a fierce amount of lead in a short amount of time. I like the Semtex for a sticky kill, which always warms my heart, and then the concussion grenade as my non-lethal. For good or bad, I've copied this class into slots 1 and 2, with one running the Assault Strike Package and the other running the Support Strike Package. That gives me flexibility to jump between Strike Packages based on the game mode or maps we are playing.

Word to the wise though, I die a lot. Seriously, a %&#@ lot. It doesn't help that I have guys here at Sledgehammer Games, like Guy Beahm, who are competition level and devs, like Aaron Halon, who have racked up double digit prestiges in both MW2 and Black Ops. So take my custom class for what it is worth. It's a good setup, but there are so many. The great thing is that the game is built to allow you to play your way, with more options and features tailored to maximize your individual play style.

Best of luck. Look forward to playing with you on 11.8.11.