Sep 22 / 2011

Question of the Week | 9-23-2011

By Sledgehammer Games

"Sledgehammer. I'm a huge PC guy. Please tell me more about MW3 on the PC. I know there'll be dedicated servers but what will that truly mean?"

- Jacob

North Carolina


MW3 on the PC is going to be a great game and we are excited to launch it day and date with the consoles on November 8, 2011. There is a ton of work being done to ensure the PC experience is fantastic. Dedicated servers is a big feature that fans have been vocally asking about since its absence in MW2. Erik Strickland, Principal Engineer, is leading the effort. Let's ask him for some of his insight... Erik?

Thanks Condrey. Hi Jacob.

We believe that Modern Warfare 3 match-making delivers a best-in-class competitive experience on consoles as well as PC. For users who want deep customization and control on PC we're also supporting free-to-download, free-to-run dedicated servers on launch day. Using familiar tools, admins can download and run servers on their own hardware, customizing access, game rules and map rotation to their liking.

We're embracing the Steam platform. From both the Steam and game clients, users can: browse, join, and favorite these servers; send and accept invites; everything just as you'd expect. For gameplay customization MW3 dedicated servers leverage our recipe system to allow admins to finely tune gameplay without trial-and-error fiddling. Of course, server admins will have all the tools they expect - access control by IP/password, player kicking/banning, remote console access, etc...

In short, we are bringing back the features of Call of Duty 4's dedicated servers that the community has requested, and we hope everyone will be excited by the outcome - let us know on November 8th!

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