by Sledgehammer Games

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As a studio, one of the things close to our heart is giving back to the community. We’ve participated with a lot of different charities and organizations over the last few years, and to go along with Earth Day, we participated with our local Surfrider Foundation for a Beach Clean-up day. A group of Hammers from our Studio headed out to Ocean Bean in San Francisco on Sunday morning to help keep the beach and waters clean so they may be enjoyed for many years to come. One of the initiatives of our local chapter is to keep cigarette butts off the beach, as cigarette butts remain the most littered item—in the U.S. and across the globe. The filters don’t biodegrade, and trap toxic residue that leach into aquatic ecosystems.




The Surfrider Foundation has chapters all over the US, and we encourage you to get involved with keeping our beaches and oceans clean for future generations. You can also find other ways to be involved with your local chapter online, or donate to Surfriders or other organizations like Ocean Conservancy.

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