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We love Halloween. It’s the first of a three-month-long string of holidays and celebrations around the world. Most of us remember dressing up as our favorite superhero or fantasy character and running up and down the streets with our siblings and friends, knocking on doors and awaiting candy or fruit while our parents chaperoned. Halloween is an especially magical time for kids.

For families facing economic hardships and homelessness, however, Halloween can be extremely saddening and stressful. It can be a constant reminder of those luxuries not afforded to their children. Homeless parents struggle not only to provide shelter and food for their children, but also to help their children experience joy and fun, despite the trying situations in which they live.

This year, we teamed up with Compass SF to donate Halloween costumes to the children in their programs. Compass SF works to house homeless families, help them craft self-sufficient economic strategies, and achieve the stability they need to support themselves and thrive. With the help of an incredibly dedicated staff and a variety of programs, Compass serves over 2,000 families, making a huge impact on homelessness in the Bay Area.

By affording these children the chance to participate in Halloween, to go out and receive free candy like every other child, we can help them feel integrated, accepted, and included in a fun cultural tradition they might have longed to experience.

At Sledgehammer Games, we believe every child has the right to have fun, regardless of their economic situation. This Halloween, we recognize that feeding the spirit is just as important as feeding the body.

For more info on how to take part and donate a costume, visit Compass’ website here: http://compass-sf.org/

Edit: Here is a photo of all the amazing donations we received!

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