SHG Weekly Community Update - Friday, August 10

by Sledgehammer Games

For this week’s update, we’re keeping it short and sweet, so we can all enjoy the Black Ops 4 Beta again this weekend. Also, a quick reminder that next week is Call of Duty World League Championship, which we’ll be watching like everybody else. While there won’t be a livestream today or next Friday, we do have a few things to talk about with you now.



Weekend Warfare. 2XP on Prop Hunt is live now until 10AM PDT on Monday, August 13.



Weekly Weapon Contract. This week, it’s for a variant of the ZK-383. Pick it from Captain Butcher up before 10AM PDT on Tuesday, August 14.



Hot Fixes. Today, we pushed out hot fixes for the following issues:


  • Pushed out a Phase 1 fix for issue where some players were not able to access their Master Prestige rewards. Players will need to idle in the first HQ menu (with vertical panels) for about 90 seconds and then navigate to the full HQ to see rewards show up. We will monitor and assess whether or not a Phase 2 fix is needed. Thank you for your patience!
  • Fixed Cavalry Division exploit (Free Rifleman and no shield, but still with Fast Capture and Cavalry Assists)
  • Fixed UI issue with weapon acquisition description


Community Challenge Status. You’ve completed Tier 2 and are well on your way to finishing Tier 3! Make sure to collect your ‘Dig In’ Weapon Charm reward, and head to Nazi Zombies for 1 Zombie Consumables Supply Drop. See our blog on rewards for more details.



PPSh ‘Iron Curtain II’ Weapon Contract. It’s back for 24 hours starting at 10AM PDT tomorrow, August 11. Don’t miss it!



Next Midweek Mobilize. 2XP on Hordepoint (that’s right, it’s back!) when you party up, AND 2XP on Leprechaun Hunt when you party up there, too! Live from 10AM PDT Wednesday, August 15, until 10AM PDT Thursday, August 16.


Next Weekend Warfare. We’ve got a Triple Double weekend coming your way. That’s 2XP, 2WeaponXP, and 2DivisionXP on Leprechaun Hunt and Hordepoint. Live from 10AM PDT on Friday, August 17 until 10AM PDT on Monday, August 20.


Next Weekly Weapon Contract. Next week, buckle up for the De Lisle Weapon Contract. Live from 10AM PDT Tuesday, August 14, until 10AM PDT Tuesday, August 21.



CWL Champs. Next week, we kick off the last big Call of Duty: WWII competitive event: the Call of Duty World League Championship! Join the fun in Columbus, Ohio, or catch the MLG stream on August 15 -19 here: http://www.mlg.com/game/call-of-duty. Be sure to keep an eye out for a Daily Order to watch the event in the HQ Theater. The Order will be available for 24 hours starting at 10AM PDT on Sunday, August 19. The reward? 1 Rare Supply Drop!



Weekend Warfare. It’s 2XP on Nazi Zombies, live until 10AM PDT on Monday, August 13.



The Drostan Files.



Stormraven Survivalist. This week, unlock the Stormraven Survivalist by completing a new Special Order.





Here are a few highlights from the community:


Way to go, DuckAHolics! A triple kill with the Blunderbuss deserves a shout-out in our books.



Thank you for resurrecting this meme, GoldPrism391!



Glad to see the community rocking the new Safari shorts look for Days of Summer.



As always, please feel free to reach out to us over our social channels. Cheers!


Twitter: @SHGames

Reddit: SHG_Hammer

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