SHG Weekly Community Update - Friday, February 9

by Sledgehammer Games

Introducing our SHG Weekly Community Update! Each week, we’ll be giving you the lowdown on upcoming changes and status updates on Multiplayer and Zombies, as well as sharing some of the awesome community highlights and content that you all are creating yourselves. Plenty of community-driven initiatives are on the horizon, and we’re committed to working with you to make Call of Duty®: WWII even better.


Look for our updates each week, and keep the memes, artwork, and gameplay clips coming our way!



DOUBLE DOUBLE WEEKEND. That’s right! From now until Monday, February 12th at 10AM PT, enjoy 2XP and 2WeaponXP on all modes. Cheers!


Prop Hunt. IT’S BACK! Seriously, though. Thank you all for the support you’ve shown us and our new modes. We read all the feedback on the mode and are excited to have brought this back this week, together with the team at Raven, for Week 3 of The Resistance Community Event. Enjoy until Tuesday, February 13th at 10AM PT.


Demolition. Also, we’re VERY EXCITED about Demolition coming back this week. We’ve heard the community loud and clear, and it’s made an epic return. We’ve also read all the threads with your constructive feedback, and are taking it into consideration. Our die-hard team of Demo-Devs are out there in the wild from now until Tuesday, February 13th at 10AM PT. Be on the lookout for our [SHG] clan tag.



War Mode XP. Let’s talk about it. Many of you have said you noticed a difference in match XP awarding rates. We are working with Raven to investigate and keeping an eye out for any inconsistencies there. Stay tuned for more info on this.


Ranked Play. Good news! We are working on implementing 4-person parties soon. We’ll let you know when. Thanks for bearing with us as we fine-tune and build out new aspects of Ranked Play.


Flak Gun Event. As many of you have already noticed, there’s a fun new thing for you to do in HQ. In case you were wondering about varying amounts of armory credits awarded, the amount varies based on participation and success of shooting down crates. Grab as many players as you can and check it out. The timing, however, is elusive.


Custom Community Playlist. Innovation and creation is what this is all about. Here’s the deal: We’ll come up with a good, long list of map-mode combinations based on existing offerings, and we’re going to let you chime in on your favorites. The narrowed down list of top picks will go into a customized Community Playlist created by you! Keep an eye out for our Reddit post kicking this off very soon.


Prestige Token “Last-Chance” Prompt. It’s a total bummer to accidentally spend your tokens when you didn’t want to. We’ve seen feedback from a few of you now asking for a last chance message that makes you confirm you want to use those tokens. That’s why we are excited to share that we are actively working on a feature for this. Stay tuned for more info to come! 


2XP. It’s back on until February 13th at 10AM PT! Get in there and slay some undead.


Split Screen and Leaderboards. We apologize that we haven’t been able to push through a solid fix for these issues yet. We are still working hard to resolve in a way that doesn’t negatively affect the overall health of the mode. Thank you so much for your patience with us on this. We will have more info soon.


Challenges. Don’t believe everything you see online. 



Wüstling Issues. We are aware of a few separate, but related issues with this Zombie. Poor guy just doesn’t always know which way to go. As Cameron mentioned, we’re working on making him better and also adding fresh new tendons for increased agility.



This is our favorite section of the update. Each week, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite fan art, gameplay clips, and memes. It gives us a chance to show some of the amazing things you all are doing with the game. Make sure to send us all those juicy memes (“dank” is dead), footage of major achievements you’re accomplishing in-game, and your artistic musings-turned-masterpieces. You might end up in our blog or social channels. So, without further ado, and in no particular order, our roundup of some of the best #CODWWII moments we’ve seen this week:


Huge congrats to all you deadicated undead slayers who have completed the Easter Egg on The Darkest Shore. We loved watching your streams and jumping in some of your chats. To those still working to crack it, keep up the good work!


Shout-out to TheseKnivesOnly of Karnage Clan, who achieved Master Prestige with knife alone. Well done, sir. Well done.



Consider this meme posted by tryingtolvl a PSA, especially for War Mode!!!



Ninja in training.” We definitely have a soft spot for players like AgentBuddhaCorp who dominate with melee weapons. Just saying.


Don’t know how we missed this gem, but we just saw this, and it’s amazing. Better late than never. Shout-out to Rockit Gaming for this awesome rap song and video tribute to Nazi Zombies: The Final Reich:



Shout-out to 4pokeguy, who hit Social Rank 20! Commending your fellow Call of Duty® players is a nice thing to do. And we like nice things.




Coming Next Week…


We have our next big game update coming next week for all platforms, so keep an eye out on Reddit for our notes.


That wraps up our first Weekly Community Update. We hope you found it informative, enlightening, and entertaining. As a reminder, we encourage you to stay vocal and active across our channels. See links below:


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Let us know what you like, don’t like, want to see, don’t want to see, and please give us feedback on our SHG mixtapes. I mean, did you even listen to them yet? Text me back.

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