SHG Weekly Community Update - Friday, June 1

by Sledgehammer Games

What a heart-pumping week it’s been! We kicked off our Attack of the Undead Community Event, which is live until June 26, with a gameplay livestream featuring eColiEspresso and launched a game update full of new content, including a new MP map – Gröesten Haus, seven new weapons, a Zombies-themed HQ, and Infected mode. Plus, we’ve got two more modes coming in the following weeks – Hordepoint and Relic of the Undead. For a sneak peek of those, check out the livestream gameplay footage from this week below:




Weekend Warfare Activities. This weekend, enjoy 2XP on Infected, as well as 2XP, 2DivisionXP, and 2WeaponXP on Gröesten Haus Featured playlist modes until 10AM PDT on Monday, June 4!



Weekly Weapon Contract. This week, make sure to see the Captain Butcher to pick up the Weapon Contract for the M2 Carbine! You’ll have to snag it before 10AM PDT on Tuesday, June 5, so get in there before it’s gone.



Attack of the Undead Event Community Challenge. The Community Challenge is live! While we did have a small issue with the UI for the tracking meter, all your Zombies kills are indeed tracking properly. We’ve also lowered the end goal from 3 billion Zombie kills to 2 billion to give you all more time with that sweet, sweet Tesla gun. Check out our blog for more details on the various Tiers and rewards!



Game Update and Hot Fix Update. ICYMI, we rolled out a massive game update this week. For a full list of notes, head to our posts on Reddit and Steam for all the details. And for a list of the hot fixes we pushed out this morning, head here.


Hordepoint. That’s right. It’s Hardpoint for the Undead. Hold the hardpoint while fending off hordes of Nazi Zombies. You’ll have your work cut out for you when this new mode drops next week on Tuesday, June 5. Good luck! You’re going to need it.



Community Challenge Rewards. This time around, we added Zombies-specific rewards for each Tier of the Community Challenge for the Attack of the Undead. This means, after the community completes each Tier, both an MP and Nazi Zombies reward will be distributed to eligible recipients. Check out our blog for more details. Here's a taste of one of the new Zombie Weapon Camo rewards:



2XP for Nazi Zombies. This weekend, and every weekend of the Attack of the Undead Community Event, enjoy 2XP on Nazi Zombies! The Undead have spilled over into Multiplayer, but there’s still plenty of slaying to be done, and XP to be gained, in Nazi Zombies!




Infected has taken over! We’re so glad you all like it so much, and we hope our version of it was worth the wait. Thank you for all the positive feedback and support for our newest mode addition to Multiplayer. And thank you, scartbat, for the love! Glad you're having fun with our new mode.


Nicely done blending this pistol grip into your own Paintjob, Mikey_9835!



Thanks, everyone, for reading! Make sure to get some quality play time in with your buds this weekend and take advantage of all our Weekend Warfare activities!


As always, feel free to reach out to us with your feedback over our social channels:


Twitter: @SHGames

Reddit: SHG_Hammer

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