SHG Weekly Community Update - Friday, June 29

by Sledgehammer Games

With the launch of Call of Duty: WWII DLC Pack 3: United Front this week on PS4, we’ve been on cloud 9! The reactions from you guys in the community have been so positive and it’s been awesome watching your streams and videos and seeing you all have so much fun, especially with Nazi Zombies: The Tortured Path! Check out the trailers for both Multiplayer and Nazi Zombies for a taste of our latest DLC Pack:




And with that, we have some updates for you…



We wanted to give you all a little dev insight into the latest DLC 3 maps and the new War Mode experience, Operation Supercharge. Here are some quotes from two of our most-senior MP map/level designers, as well as map flythroughs for Market Garden, Stalingrad, and Monte Cassino:



Market Garden. “We didn’t want to do a classic European village like what we already have. I was looking at what the Allies and Axis were using as Headquarters, and they were using nice hotels or mansions. I thought it would be cool to have a map with no major elevation changes, with threats approaching from the same level, inside luxurious European interiors. It was super interesting to use rooms that acted as a functional space, such as the lobby, where the elevators would be, the kitchen, the bathrooms (which are a very relatable space for everyone [laughs]). We wanted to give it a more old-school vibe, but super fast-paced. My best advice would be try to control the Main Lobby area and the dining hall, where the two big statues are located. Using Airborne, Cavalry, and Resistance, paired with the PPSh-41 or the Combat Shotgun, and the new Specialist Basic Training (very effective for close-quarters combat in interior spaces), can be very useful in these areas.” - Stan



Stalingrad. “One tip I would give for this map, is to counter-snipe from the upper Foundry Platform on the side lanes if you’re being attacked by snipers. Keep an eye out for a hole in the Fuel Pump area that leads down to the sewers below. If opponents are trying to be sneaky and use the sewers, you can always throw grenades down that hole to catch them off guard, or drop down into the sewers and ambush them. A really good strategy on this map is to shoot people from balconies using a sniper rifle.” - Evan



Monte Cassino. “Monte Cassino has a lot more verticality than Market Garden. I always wanted to make a map in an Italian village. I wanted to make the map more complex than what we’ve usually done for Call of Duty: WWII – a map where lots of movement and aggressive playstyle would be rewarded. One of the stand-out characteristics of this map are the rooftops. There’s a lot of opportunities to effectively counter the rooftop positions as well. There’s a cliff pass as well. It’s typically a less-populated and less-traveled area of the map, so it can be an effective flanking spot as well. Running Mountain Division with Specialist Basic Training and a silenced MP40 can be extremely effective on Monte Cassino.” - Stan


Operation Supercharge. “As an attacker, try to shoot down the crate during the first objective. It works just like a Care Package, so get it down to the ground faster. Once I’ve planted a bomb, I like to get back on that sandbag wall, which is typically a defender position, but as an attacker, you can use it to keep an eye on the bomb. Also, as you destroy bits of the bridge, your access to those areas is reduced, so be sure to be strategic about how and when you destroy parts of the bridge. As defenders, keep an eye out for rubble from the destroyed bridge and climb it, using it to your advantage. And on the very last flag, there’s a guard tower that can be built (and destroyed), so whether you’re an attacker or a defender, there’s a strategic way to use that guard tower effectively.” - Evan


Weekend Warfare. This weekend, PS4 players can enjoy a TRIPLE Double XP weekend on the United Front Moshpit. That means 2XP, 2DivisionXP, and 2WeaponXP! Additionally, all players can enjoy a TRIPLE Double XP weekend on all War Mode operations! Enjoy until 10AM PDT on Monday, July 2!



Game Update. This week, we released a title update on PS4 and XB1. PC will get the update next week. For full notes, head here.


Hot Fixes. We also pushed out some hot fixes yesterday. Take a look at our latest Reddit post for more details.


CWL Team Packs. This week, we released team gear representing some of the top competitive league teams! We are so excited to see everyone out there rocking their favorite team’s Weapon Camos, Weapon Charms, Calling Cards, Emblems, and Helmets. Head to the Quartermaster to pick one up!



Weekly Weapon Contract. This week, it’s for the PTRS-41! Make sure to grab it before 10AM PDT on Tuesday, July 3!



Next Weekly Weapon Contract. Next week, the Blunderbuss is up! This Weapon Contract will be live starting 10AM PDT on Tuesday, July 3!




A Letter from the B.A.T.



The Tortured Path. Our recruits are dedicated to getting this caravan safely across enemy lines, and down to the icy south where our core B.A.T. team has infiltrated a secret Nazi dig site…




And now, for some highlights from the community.


First off, a GIANT shout-out to the Zombies community for their deduction skills, tenacity, and all-around dedication to the hunt! You all have been giving it your best and some of you got really, really close! If you haven’t checked out the following accounts, you should! However, we wanted to congratulate the official first team to solve The Tortured Path Easter Egg: Mxtive, The_Vice_Squad, Beebat, and andyennis10!



SmartGuy316 posted a really nice review of our DLC 3 preview event. Thank you!


We love that you guys are digging the new Cavalry Division and showing off your favorite new Uniforms!



As always, we are here for you. Talk to us and we’ll do our duty to get back to you and pass along your feedback to the rest of the team.


Twitter: @SHGames

Reddit: SHG_Hammer


Cheers, everyone, and have a great Triple Double weekend! See you online!



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