SHG Weekly Community Update - Friday, May 4

by Sledgehammer Games

Good afternoon, everyone! With the Blitzkrieg Community Event ending soon, we’ve got some reminders for you so you can make the most of this weekend before Captain Butcher heads out. There’s info on this week’s hot fixes, plus, something special for a couple of our most loyal Nazi Zombies fans, and an up-close look at one of our new characters from The Shadowed Throne.



Blitzkrieg Community Event: LAST WEEKEND! The event ends at 10AM PDT on Tuesday, May 8. So make sure that you get some good play time in this weekend. As a reminder, Captain Butcher will be taking all the Blitzkrieg Collections (ITRA Burst, Sterling, Baseball Bat, and British Tanker) and their Rewards back with him to the front lines, so make sure to take advantage of them while you still can.


Blitzkrieg Community Challenge. Congrats, everyone! You completed Tier 3 this week and are well on your way to finishing Tier 4! Keep it up. For more info on the Community Challenge and its rewards, head to our blog: http://bit.ly/2EZgBfW



Triple Double on HQ 24/7. We’ve got 2XP, 2WeaponXP, and 2Division XP live now on the HQ 24/7 playlist until the end of the Blitzkrieg event at 10AM PDT on Tuesday, May 8. Get in there and level up your stuff!



Hot Fix and Weapon Tuning. Yesterday, we pushed out a hot fix and weapon tuning changes. Head to our Reddit thread for more details.


Weekly Weapon Contract. In case you missed it, this week’s Weapon Contract is for the Gewehr 43 (which we also tuned this week, see above Hot Fix and Weapon Tuning section). Pick it up before 10AM PDT on Tuesday, May 8!


Game Update Next Week. On Tuesday, May 8, we’ll have a game update coming. We will post on Reddit once the update goes live, but there will not be our usual list of patch notes, since the update is only for image uploads on the UI front, upcoming Orders and Contracts, HQ map optimizations, Leaderboard filtering and Theater performance improvements, and promotional updates. You will still be asked to restart to get the update. We wanted to give you a heads up, so that you know what to expect. Thanks, everyone!


Feedback on Level 1000 Issue. This was part of our Hot Fix Update yesterday. Please head to our dedicated feedback thread on Reddit to leave any info/videos/comments about your experiences with this issue so we can better monitor and determine whether or not a Phase 2 fix will be needed.


Requisitions. We’ve heard your feedback and agree that this is worth exploring. We are looking into ways to rework Requisitions that makes sense and is more conducive to a better gameplay experience, especially since the recent Divisions Overhaul we implemented.


Dupe-Protected Special Order Weapon Bribe Issue. We apologize for the confusion here, everyone. If you were affected by this, please see ATVIAssist’s recent Reddit post on the issue and resolution. Thank you for being patient!



The Shadowed Throne – Necromedic



The Drostan Files.



And now, for our community celebration!


Today, we put out a video of some of our reactions to the first Zombies Easter Egg solvers: SmartGuy316 and StarrBurrst. A care package from the B.A.T. is on its way, fellas.



Nice War Mode limerick.



Our Limerick about War Limerick:


The community loves to create.

All the limericks and memes are so great.

The loud volumes in War

Are annoying for sure.

Fix will come in a future update.


Hats off to SwimmingAnxiety for this double tap with the Menace II!



Though far away, these two brothers were able to hang out in HQ. Posts like these are awesome. We love that you all are able to connect with another and use Headquarters in a unique and social way.



As usual, please reach out to us with your comments and concerns. We really appreciate your feedback, so keep it coming! The best place to reach out to us is through our social channels below:


Twitter: @SHGames

Reddit: SHG_Hammer

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