Sledgehammer Games & Gamestop Present: PowerUp Rewards - Modern Warfare 3 Epic Reward Combat Experience

by Sledgehammer Games

For the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 we paired up with GameStop to give away the ultimate Epic Rewards Combat Experience. The winners flew out to San Francisco for a tour of Sledgehammer Games, and then on to Minnesota for a day of tank driving and combat simulation! The winners, along with Michael Condrey and Josh Katz from Sledgehammer Games, were given time to understand military vehicle history, tour of the storage and restoration facilities, and driving time in an FV433 Abbot and FV432 APC. The day culminated in pancaking cars in a 120,000 lbs. Chieftain Battle Tank, and live-ammo time with three historical machines gun in the indoor range! Congrats to the lucky winners, George and Massi of Houston, Texas, who forever get to brag about their awesome time with the MW3 developers at the studio and the tank driving experience. Check out the pictures below for all the metal twisting carnage.


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