Sep 26 / 2012

Sledgehammer Games Softball Season Wrap-Up

By Sledgehammer Games

The Sledgehammer Games Softball Team.

Our lunchtime softball season has officially ended, and we're excited to say that even though we didn't take the championship we had a great time out there this year. With a record of 11 wins and only 3 losses, momentum wasn't an issue for Team Sledgehammer, but occasional loose bats flying at the dugout were. Don't worry - we won't mention you by name, Larry! When the playoffs came along, we faced Crystal Dynamics, who took some time off from developing Tomb Raider to win by two runs in the semi-final. We didn't walk away empty-handed though, we're able to claim the most runs of the season, and the fewest runs allowed. Not too shabby. With the winter league coming up, we're excited to get back into the game and we're going to give it our all.


Check out some of the images from our summer season below!

Let's do this.

The lineup.

The pitch.

If you'd like to join Team Sledgehammer, check out our Linkedin page for open positions in the Bay Area.