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by Sledgehammer Games



2014 is a huge year for us, and our team loves to stay connected with fans. While we have definitely been active over the last two and a half years sharing information about our studio culture, recruitment efforts, and some extremely vague clues as to what we’re working on, We’d like to cordially invite you to follow our official social channels and give you a brief overview of what types of information you can expect on them. 


Our Official SHG Website – The official channel from the studio to the community, and also the hub for everything related to the team at Sledgehammer Games.


Our Official SHG Twitter – Our outlet for real times bursts of info from the studio and about Call of Duty:  Advanced Warfare.  We have been, and we will continue to monitor for any and all trending issues in an effort to provide excellence in customer service to the fans.


Our Official SHG Facebook – Much like our Twitter account, but written content isn’t limited by a character count. Our Facebook Page is also capable of storing our photo history in well-organized galleries that we encourage you to take a look at. Feel free to comment on posts and write us messages – we love hearing from you!


Our Official Linkedin – Jobs. Posted often, and constantly updated by our team of recruiters. If there’s something that stands out to you, go after it!


Our Official SHG Instagram – Photos. Our Instagram account is also the home of content you won’t see on Twitter and Facebook. Be on the lookout for exclusive photos from the Call of Duty development process.


Our Official SHG YouTube, Twitch and Vine - We’re keeping some surprises up our sleeves with exclusive Sledgehammer Games video content, but please be on the lookout for great video content on these three partner outlets.


Our Social Credo – As much as you’re fans of us, we’re huge fans of you – the community. We’re committed to being open, honest and transparent with you –  in return, please be constructive with us.  We don’t appreciate and won’t respond to trolling or destructive comments.


We’re looking forward to sharing 2014 with you!


- Sledgehammer Games

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