Studio Expansion Blog - Part 2

by Sledgehammer Games


Imagine: You’ve entered the elevator. Moments later, the doors open to reveal a stunning entrance to our two-story atrium bearing the “Sledgehammer Games” logo. You stride through the doors, warm cup of coffee in your hands. On your way to your creatively decorated desk, you greet your fellow Hammers and gear up for what promises to be another exciting day.


It’s no ordinary office. You’ve got a great view of the bay and the skyline of one of the greatest cities in the US—San Francisco. The console at your desk makes sure your lunch breaks are never boring. You can slide down to your 2 o’clock meeting and jog back up to your desk when you’re done. The balcony above the café lets you good-naturedly tease your coworkers below about their MP performances yesterday. You’re engaged in your work. The creative juices are flowing. And before you know it, you’re all asking yourselves how the day flew by so quickly.



That’s our vision for SHG’s latest studio expansion: to create a dynamic environment and unstoppable team built to inspire the best from our people . So what have we been doing in the three months since we launched this massive initiative? We’ve taken over the floor above, doubling our previous footprint. We’ve been building additional workstations, a Wellness Room, and implementing a bold new color scheme. We’ve expanded our team through our #beSHG recruitment campaign. But mostly, we’ve been doing what Hammers do well—knocking down walls and breaking through floors. And that’s just the beginning. The most exciting changes are still to come.



We’re stoked to share our vision with you guys! As we progress, we’ll continue to share new developments and give you a glimpse of what we’re planning here, so stay tuned for more #SHGbuildout blogs, new job postings, and sneak peeks of what’s happening next at Sledgehammer Games...



Recent Studio Activities:

SHG at CODXP 2016

Michael Condrey’s Zip Line Video @ CODXP 2016


Recent Jobs Added to Our Careers Page:

Lead VFX Artist

Associate Character Artist

Environment Artist

Systems Designer

Associate Producer


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