Xbox 360 and PS3 ELITE Premium Content Drops for July Announced

by Sledgehammer Games

Who wants new maps? Answer: Everyone! There's brand new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 content drops scheduled for next week for people on PS3 and Xbox360. Please check the list below for details:

- Xbox 360 Elite Premium Content Drops 16-18 (Spec Ops Mission Vertigo, MP Maps Decommission and Offshore) are available to download on Tuesday, July 17.

- PS3 Elite Content Drops 13-15 (Spec Ops Mission Arctic Recon and Face Off Maps Vortex, U-Turn and Intersection) are available to download on Thursday, July 19.

- Modern Warfare 2 map Terminal will be released for free on Xbox 360 for Premium Elite members on Tuesday (July 17), and for everyone else on Xbox 360 on Wednesday. - -

- Terminal will be available on PS3 at a later date.

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