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What’s up, AW Community! As you know, we’re continuing to bring new features and content to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, and starting on June 23rd, players on all platforms will be able to earn an #XPBonus when wearing full Character Gear Sets in every match they play. We’re also releasing the second set of #AWRoyalty Weapon Variants on Xbox One first, adding to the more than 350+ weapons that are available in Supply Drops!


XP Bonus For Gear Sets



Seeing players display their creativity and originality in the Virtual Lobby with more than 1,000+ pieces of character gear has been awesome. That said, we’ve always wanted to implement a system that gives you the incentive to collect a full #AWGearSet and rewards you for collecting the set with a special in-game bonus in the form of XP. On June 23rd, we’re adding a new multiplayer feature – XP bonus for Gear Sets on all platforms. From the Armory, you’ll be able to tell which pieces of gear for each set you currently own, and the pieces you still require to complete the set. If you wear a full Gear Set, you’ll receive a +%5 XP Bonus for all of your online matches! We’re launching with a large number of full Gear Sets that will receive an XP Bonus (check the full list of Gear Sets below), and will be adding to this list over time as we develop and roll out new #AWGearSet content! Stay tuned to our channels for updates to the list below.



UPDATE: Due to a known issue with the Fireproof Gear Set, we had to remove the XP Bonus from this set. It will be added as soon as possible.


UPDATE 7/20/2015: We've added the following Gear Sets to the XP Bonus List: Fireproof, Nigerian Infantry, Nigerian Command, Atlas Mobile, Atlas CT, Nigerian Armoured, Atlas Engineer, KVA Recon, Sentinel Operator, Atlas Orbital, Atlas Contractor, Marine Cavalry, and Atlas Recon.


Royalty Variants v2



As we mentioned in our Royalty Weapons Variants blog last month, the first set of Royalty Variants included 11 favorites from Advanced Warfare. Those weapons were clad in the Grand Master Prestige camo and featured a stat buff containing a full clip of extra ammo. This second set of Royalty Elite Weapon Variants has the same purple and gun-metal camouflage that matches the Grand Master Prestige gear, and this set of variants features a different stat change from the first set. Royalty Weapon Variants v2 will benefit from an increased reload speed vs. their Elite counterparts. These new weapon variants are carefully balanced, but provide that slight edge. Royalty Variants v2 will be available in both Supply Drops and Advanced Supply Drops on Xbox One on 6/23.




As always, we’re listening and we’d love to hear your feedback on these new additions to Advanced Warfare. Feel free to give us a shout on Twitter when you receive one of the new #AWRoyalty variants in a Supply Drop, or let us know what you think of the new #XPBonus Gear Sets. Use the hashtags and we’ll like, share, favorite, and retweet the best shots. We can always be reached on our social media channels at Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Instagram. Have fun and we’ll see you online!


PLEASE NOTE: These Royalty variant weapons are only available on the current generation of consoles (Xbox One and PlayStation 4) and PC. We are dedicated to providing a wide variety of content to all AW players wherever possible, but in some cases are unable to include additional content on the previous gen consoles due to hardware limitations.

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